Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's almost my 1 year anniversary of being a vegetarian, and it means SO much to me.

I never considered myself the type that could live meat-less, and I think that this has not only changed my life, but changed the lives of those around me. Has it convinced anyone else to become a vegeterian? not really. BUT it has probably caused a lot of people close around me to be more concious of others food choices, and their own.

So what's different with my vegetarianism now?
Nothing really. I have absolutely no desire to eat meat.. in fact, it's almost a disgust.

In fact, I went to Ruby's diner a few weeks ago, and ordered a veggie burger. (i'm sure you know where this is going...) well my first bite into my veggie burger, and the result was a pink patty.. I was disgusted. I remained calm and polite, realizing that the waitress was mortified and visibly embarassed/upset. and then waiting about 10 minutes for them to remake the veggie burger that I no longer wanted. But, now i'm PARANOID that my veggie food is not actually what i ordered :(

I started reading up on some others views of being vegetarian, and I found SO many great opinions and justifications of why I made the choice I did.

I'm saving money.
I'm eating healthier, and feeling better.
I never get the overly full feeling.
I enjoy food more.
I enjoy preparing food more.

I love animals. I've devoted my life to helping change the world, and the way we treat companion pets. I'm doing everything I can to make a difference.

I know not everyone has the same passions I do, and that is 100% okay. But please, find SOMETHING you care passionately about, and do whatever you can in your power to fight for it.


  1. Happy veggie-versary!! And ohmygod! That's a horrible story about Ruby's!!!! Ick. I might have puked. Did they give you the veggie burger for free at least??

  2. yeah, not so much :(
    i'm sure I could've complained and been mean and got it for free.. but i honestly felt really bad for the server who looked like she was going to have a mental break down. poor girl.

    PLUS we had a gift card.. so i couldn't complain too much :)